Wrong invoice. Amount is too high

  • 22 September 2023
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Hi, received invoice with the wrong billing amount. Got new sim card/subscription 3 weeks ago of amount 36 e, which suppose to be discounted to 26e . My invoice is 80e, even thou havent called anywhere, didn't text anyone, just used the internet which one suppose to be unlimited, even thou havent even used much of it. As i understand 25 e is connection fee, so max amount should be 50 e, why is it double? 


Beste antwoord door Vikash van KPN 27 September 2023, 21:33

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Hello @migle 


Probably you're missing Combivoordeel, to get that that you also must have a KPN home internet connection, do you have that?

Normally Combivoordeel should be automatically switched on if both living addresses are the same, are those indeed exactly the same for both subscriptions?

If everything is in order then you can also activate Combivoordeel yourself on this page:


See also:


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Hello @migle. It is probably the first invoice. At KPN you pay the subscription costs (in whole or in part) in advance, so you pay in the coming period. The first invoice also states the starting period of the new subscription afterwards. That is why the first invoice shows two periods. From the second invoice onwards, you will only pay monthly for the coming period.