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  • 10 April 2020
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Yesterday i called kpn klantenservice and I have tried to upgrade my oldest tv, internet & call (all in one premium)contract to a new one with hussel and went complete wrong. I called them back again after 5 min because I saw on the email they have send me with the new contract that wasn't the same contract we have made a deal for. They have told me that they will call me back the same day but I haven't got nothing yet. 

2 reacties

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Hallo @kostas123 

Dat is vervelend. Ik zou nogmaals met de klantenservice bellen en de situatie uitleggen.

That's annoying. I would call customer service again and explain the situation.
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@kostas123 Welcome here! Thank you for your topic. It's very impolite my colleague(s) didn't give you a callback. Thereby I find it quite weird that the deal you directly made with my colleague didn't match the confirmation. Because it's already two days later I am wondering if there is still something I could do for you in this case. Did meanwhile, my colleague called you back or are you still waiting for us to take action? Please let me know! 
If you want me to do something for you, could you please update your profile with your personal details?