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  • 19 April 2020
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Hi, Im trying to top up my Prepaid KPN but it says i exceeded the limits and can only buy a bundle later. I need it with urgency. What should I do? Thanks


Beste antwoord door Susan_ 20 April 2020, 08:30

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4 reacties

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Hi @Slow internet, thanks for your message.

How much did you top up your prepaid credit? The maximum is very high, so I don't understand the error to be honest.. Are you trying to top up your credit via our website, or via the KPN Prepaid app? And which bundle you want to add?

And is there already a bundle activated on your prepaid number? I would like to receive the 06 number so that I can look into the systems, you can write down the number in your Forum profile, in the box 'persoonlijke opmerkingen'. Do not forget to click on 'save/bewaren'.

Hi Susan, thanks for getting back. Im using the app because it gives an error on desktop when I click on Onbeperkt Online Bundel to pay, it says: "Er is iets fout gegaan. Waardeer uw tegoed op...".


I have 0.03€ credit only, my bundle expired yesterday and I had tried to top up and then buy the bundle with the credit but it doesnt work, so I dont want to risk trying it and losing money.


Ive put the number in the box you mentioned and clicked save. Please let me know if you can see it and fix the issue

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@Slow internet thanks! I don't see any problems in the system with your number. If it's not possible to top your credit up online, then you have to go and get a upgrade card. Can you get to a shop (Albert Heijn, Jumbo or another grocery store) and buy a upgrade card from KPN. Not a new simcard, but a card with calling credits. 

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@Slow internet, did you get a upgrade card and is your problem solved because of that?