Fiber box alarm light

  • 24 November 2022
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Dear KPN, 


Please help. I have just received my fiber box and modem and the internet is not working. The black Genexis box shows a red light on alarm.


The modem is plugged in and the internet light is flashing - connecting to it on my phone shows ‘no internet connection’.


What do I do?

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8 reacties

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That's most unfortunate. Did you try restarting the Experia Box yet? It sounds like a problem with the fiber signal itself. You can contact us directly on 0800-402 for advise. If you provide me with your details in your profile I will check it for you.

Hi @Remco_ 


I've updated it now. Is this helpful?


And yes have restarted both modem and the fiber box (multiple times), but still no luck.




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That's helpful @MS18298! It concerns a new broadband connection if I'm not mistaken. It has has functioned since the activation yesterday?

Yes I followed the instructions and tried yesterday - it says to ensure the blue cover of the fiber connection point in the wall is closed, to take off the protective cap in the fibrebox. I did both those things, then connected it to power and the red cable to the modem, but still nothing - just says ‘alarm’. @Remco_ 


And sorry the answer to your question is no it has not functioned since activation.

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@MS18298 I think the only option is to schedule a mechanic. Are you able to contact 0800-0402? Than my colleagues will plan an appointment for you! 

Thanks! I've now scheduled an appointment for tomorrow. Hoping it fixes the issue…

Thanks for your help

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I'm really curious if the mechanic was able to resolve the issues. Please let me know if you need further assistance!