I have a subscription for 100Mbit/s but I have 21Mbit/s: is that normal?

  • 21 January 2023
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I pay for 100mbit
Is it normal that I have only 21mbit ?

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6 reacties

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You better go back to 50 mbit/s.

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Is that through a wired connection or through wifi?

Did you use this site to measure the speed?

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Call the customer support and have it checked. 08000402.

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Hi @MSrotter, welcome to the forum. As you can tell from the replies the others left you, there are some questions remaining before we can answer your question. Can you look at their messages and answer them?

Additionally I'm also wondering if you had higher speeds before, ot has it always been like this?

Do you use a DSL connection or is it a fiber optic connection?

Dear All

Thank you for your replies!

I have wifi

To measure speed I use kpn tool.

Speed is unstable.

Sometimes 16 mbit, 20, 50, 65.

But I never seen 100mbit


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Is it possible to do a check with a wired computer as well? The Wifi signal goes through the air and external interferance van occur. When you test it with a cable the signal goes through a protected enviourment where no loss can happen.

The reason why this is important is to know where we need to focus. If the wired connection is stable, we need to focus on the Wifi. If the wired connection also isn't stable, it might be something outside. But we won't know until you test it.