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  • 4 October 2019
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Hello there!

I am sorry for writing it in english, but I have recently moved to the Netherlands and am still trying to learn dutch. Anyways, my apartment previously had coaxial internet conexion with Ziggo (with past tennants), but now I have switched to DSL, but my router has no internet connection.

I couldn't find an ISRA point, but I do have a "wall socket" type U1 (see attachment 01). Also, just right above it, there is an outlet with the "PTT" on it (see attachment02). I opened both outlets and it was a mess. Cables were disconnected and misconnected. I would like to know what is the proper color code. I have tried the red / blue pair seen on image 2 with no success, but I wonder if I should do something with the yellow and green cables. On another note, is there any way to test these copper wires with a multimeter or oscilloscope? What values ​​should I be getting?

I really appreciate your attention and help!

Kind regards,
Luca Serafini

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Hi @lucatorsera .
In general you should be able to connect the modem to red and blue wires. But there are a few variables.
Have you placed an order with KPN? The first thing the website does is checking if there is a active line on the zipcode + housenumber you supplied.
If the answer is yes you can order and most likely it will work on that red+blue pair. If not you can order a free mechanic who will measure the lines and fix the issue.
I haven't heard back and hope you have enough information to help you make a decision.

Hello Erwin,


Thank you for your reply. I have called KPN and they have called in a technician, which succesfully installed a new outlet for free.


It turns out the circular outlet was old, and actually the internet signal came from the black and brown wires seen on the second picture, on the lower right part.


Best regards,


Thanks for the update, Luca! I'm glad it is working now!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!