Complaints about visits from KPN employees

  • 30 May 2024
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I have been gender discriminated by the people who visited and who came for delivery TWICE from KPN.


The first time was two guys showing to promote fiber network, and I told them ‘I need to discuss with my partner and he’s not here currently, but you can come back next time’ and the KPN guy asked ‘Do you HAVE TO ASK FOR HIS PERMISSION ON EVERYTHING?’ Ive never received any comment about my relationship so far in a gender discriminated way, or being gaslighted by a random person showed up to my front door to promote products. What a brand new experience. 


And the second time was from a  delivery guy, he showed up to deliver sim cards that I ordered from KPN. And there are something wrong with my personal information in the system and put my gender as a male, and the delivery guy kept asking and insisted to see my ‘man’ after I told him many times that it is my name and my company name showed on his system. Also super weird that my personal info is not sync with KVK and they are incredibly wrong.  


For the past years, I kept receiving promotions from KPN and I dont know why KPN is putting so much effort on promoting while not improving the quality of service. 


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Hello and welcome @Tutu. I have read your post and it really sounds like a bad experience. This is absolutely not the way you normally can expact from KPN employees. On behalf of KPN i want to apologize.