After installation the "Internet" light still flashing

  • 18 June 2022
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After installation the "Internet" light still flashing, I tried all the installation steps on the guide boo but still not solved. So I tried to login to the admin page, and see the internet status is disconnected. Do I need a credential for IPV4 login and after that I will have access to the internet?


Beste antwoord door Espirito 20 June 2022, 10:05

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5 reacties

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How did you install the modem? do you have dsl or fiber connection? can you provide more info or upload a photo of the installation? what modem do you have? unless fritzbox you do not need to login the  modems admin page in order to setup an active internet connection.

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Hi @Lu kpn,

If you connected everything correctly and the admin page states you connection is down, something seems wrong 🙁

Can you please update your profiel and give me a heads up if you’ve done so? I'd like to run a diagnostic on your line, to see if I can find any errors!

Hi Espirito & Maja,

THanks for your reply, I install a Box 12 with DSL connection, you can find an image of installation in the picture.

So instead of the of DSL port, there are several wires come from the same socket

The Internet light is consistently flashing
1 is the internet/telephone wire to the modem,
2 is a cat 5 wire with cut/opened end I hold in hand
3 is a green wire which I don't know the purpose
4 is a copper color wire with transparent wrap which I don't know the purpose  


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Seems like the socket has been modified. I suggest calling the customer service at 0800 0402 to make an appointment. the engineer will then check the copper health and replace the socket to a more modern dsl socket.

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Hi @Lu kpn, I would also advise you to give us a call. My colleagues can help you and, if needed, make an appointment with a technician.