Modem not received

  • 26 February 2022
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Good morning

My internet was activated on Friday but I have not yet received my modem. I can also not find any tracking data for the modem delivery. When can I expect the modem to arrive?

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7 reacties

Hi @IlseSittmann . Welcome to the forum.

Can you fill out your profilepage and give me a sign? I will look up your account.

How do you know your internet is activated by the way? 

I received an email from KPN indicating that the internet and TV profile is active as of 25/02/2022 and the billing will start from that date. 


It looks like your order was delivered pretty quick. Normally it takes about two or three weeks before the subscription starts. 

Logistics is lagging behind and I believe your equipment will be send at the beginning of the coming week.  I will of course restitute the days that you don't have services yet. 

Can you give me a sign if you haven't received the hardware before Wednesday? 

Thank you

Hi. I have not received the hardware as yet and have not received any indication on when the hardware will be delivered although I have received my first invoice. Please could you confirm when delivery will occur so that I can ensure someone is at home to receive the hardware.

I have mailed logistics to sent you the hardware manually.  This request can take up to three days. After that you should receive an E-mail + SMS and de package will be on their way.  


Hi. I have the same issue

I have connected my modem but it states there is no internet connection. Please assist


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