KPN Prepaid SIM card for EU Citizens?

  • 11 June 2019
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My apologies for writing in English. I do not speak Dutch. I would like a bit of clarification regarding KPN services, if it's possible.

I am interested in picking up a KPN Sim Card only and topping up every month. I am not a Dutch citizen but I am a EU citizen.

As an EU citizen, am I allowed to have a prepaid SIM card from KPN? I have Lebara NL at the moment but the service outside of NL is so bad that it's unusable. I have missed many phone calls. It will show that it's in "roaming" and connected to the cell towers in the EU country that I am travelling to but it won't receive calls from NL.

So, I would like to try KPN's Prepaid Sim card service as I've heard good things about it, especially when travelling through the EU.

Also, do I need to have a permanent address in the Netherlands in order to purchase/activate the prepaid sim card in the Netherlands? The prices/offers are very reasonable and I am interested in getting one but I wanted to ask before forking over my money.

Thank you for your time.

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everyone can buy a dutch KPN prepaid simcard, dont mather where you are from, you also dont need a permanent address.

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Hi @iank, welcome! It is correct what Misja says: everyone can buy a KPN Prepaid card 🙂. You can just go to a KPN store and buy one!