Setup Issues with ASUS RT-AX86U Pro Router to Replace KPN Box 12

  • 1 May 2024
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I would like to seek guidance on installing my new ASUS RT-AX86U Pro router to replace my KPN Box 12. I have only Internet service (no TV or phone) and my modem is XGS-PON from KPN. I have attempted to set up a connection using PPPoE with direct-adsl as the username and kpn as the password, as well as cloning the MAC address of the KPN box. However, I am unable to establish a connection from the WAN port. I kindly request advice and tips on how to successfully use my new router.



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Hello @TechTrooper 


You probably haven't setup VLAN 6, see this topic:


Even when you are not using IP TV you still have to do the VLAN setting there.


For more information see this page:

Where you can find this document: Glasvezel Internet (pdf)

Thank you for your assistance. The solution worked perfectly. I have an additional inquiry: Is it feasible to obtain a static WAN IP address through KPN? If so, could you please provide information on the associated costs and the appropriate contact to reach out to?

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It is not possible to obtain a fixed IP address for a consumer subscription.
It is not really necessary as the IP address rarely changes, there are users who have had the same IP address for over 10 years.

If you really want or need a fixed IP address, you will have to take out a business subscription, for which you must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
Then you can make an callback appointment with KPN, they can tell you the costs: