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  • 3 November 2019
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I really dont know what to do anymore.

On 8 october I ordered my new phone from KPN as I had the impression they were the best in NL. (My bad)

By the end of October I still did not have it, as I urgently needed a phone a Kpn employee cancelled my order and created a new one so I can get a phone out of the store stock immediately.

They assured me my sim will be activated within 24h.

After 24h I still had no signal, I contacted kpn and they said I will have signal shortly.

After 48 hours I still had no signal, I contacted KPN and they told me order had been cancelled because I dont earn enough??? And I need to go to a store to get it fixed.

Yesterday I went to KPN eindhoven where they told me they fixed it on the system and that after another 24 hours I should go to KPN veldhoven to order the phone again because only the store where i ordered it can fix it??

And today KPN Veldhoven is closed 😅


I have never experienced such a shit show in the Netherlands.

At this point I just want to cancel everything and go to any other cellphone provider. 


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I have never experienced such a shit show in the Netherlands.

At this point I just want to cancel everything and go to any other cellphone provider. 

I totally understand why you would like to cancel everything and go to another provider.

So the KPN shop in Eindhoven told you that your order has been "fixed" but that you should go to the KPN shop in Veldhoven to re-order your phone?

Strange, I assume your original order included a phone, so KPN Eindhoven did not fully fix the order.


You can cancel your order through this page.

Do fill in your ordernumber and the mobile number KPN can call to reach you.

The form says you should fill the mobile number you got from KPN, but I wonder how they can call you when that number has not yet been activated. :wink:


Haha yeah exactly!

Every time I contact them they ask my cell nr and I dont have one! Furthermore they told me that they are cancelling the order because I failed the credit check, but I paid off enough of the phone to not even need a credit check!

and ja as you said, if they cancelled my order, why did they not let me know or ask me to return the cell phone i got?

I think KPN has a nice system for customers where everything goes right, but once something goes wrong, no one takes responsibility, and you as the customer need to waste your time to fix things.

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Hi Lizelin, welcome here! Sorry to hear everything is taking such a long time :(


Would you please fill in your forum profile with the name and address you used to order. And, if possible, add the order number to the field ‘mobiel klantnummer’. I'll look into this for you to get this sorted.


If you would like to cancel the order that is, of course, an option, too. But, important to know for that is that a cancellation needs to be done in the same way as the order was placed. Which means that if you ordered in a store, you need to go back to the store to cancel. If you ordered online or via the customer service, then you can use the way wjb described above. 


Hi Erik


Thank you for your response, I completed these fields in my profile.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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Thank you! What I'm seeing here is an order, placed on the 7th of October, containing an iPhone 11 Pro 265GB Gold. You received order confirmation for this on the 8th at the emailaddress you also use here on the forum. 


This order has continued on as it should. My system indicates that the phone has been deliverd to the store in Eindhoven on November 1. And that you can collect it there. You should have received an email about that. Can you check your spam folder to see if you did? 


At this point I recommend you go back to the Eindhoven store with your order number from that order (I have listed it in your profile in the Klantnummer mobiel field) as well as the ID used to place this order.. 


As per my first message on the forum kpn cancelled that order because it took too long and I urgently needed a phone.

I got the emails saying that the phone is ready but the guy in Kpn eindhoven said I should just ignore it as they already cancelled the order.

I have a phone now, im just trying to get a simcard that works :(

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I have a phone now, im just trying to get a simcard that works :(

So you have the phone but you don't have a subscription ... is that correct?

Did you pay the full amount for the phone or will a part of it be paid through the subscription?


Yes the simcard i got just never started working.

i paid off a big part of the phone, but mot all of it!

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Have you been back to the store, Lizelin? I see that you've called us on Monday and the colleague there confirmed that the new phone number is active. But that, as you’ve indicated, that the sim isn't working. The quickest way to resolve that is to go a store. You can get a new sim there directly (versus us sending it by mail). After that sim has been activated, we can start up the transfer of your old phone number on to that sim card. This can also be done in store immediately after activating the sim card.


The other order, from the 7th, has now been cancelled since yesterday. So, if you paid anything up front for that phone you will get that back within a few work days.